After joining Origami Owl for my second i feel like a PRO on the steps you need to take in order to be a successful designer.

Step 1: Purchasing Start Up Kit

– This Kit consist of 48 charms, 3 assorted living lockets, 1 twist link locket, 4 assorted chains, 2 assorted bracelet chains, 2 assorted dangles, 2 assorted plates, 1 window plate, 3 assorted tags, 2 assorted tag elements. A pay anywhere post card, A start living dreams guide, 5 simple steps for success, 25 take out menus, 25 order forms, 25 postcard invitation, 6 jewelry bar planners, 12 thank you cards & envelopes, 2 charm trays, 3 pairs of tweezers, 5 glass votives, 6 linen bags, 4 fortune cookies, and an E-commerce website.

All this for a very low cost of $149.00 plus tax & shipping!

Step 2: Knowing your Kit

You can not sell your kit without knowing your kit!

-You need to read all your catalogs know exactly what your offering. You should get to know fun facts about your jewelry. Like the fact that is 100% hypoallergenic and nickle-free. People like to see that you are well educated on your jewelry and that you have an interest in it just as much as you would want them to.

-Next you need to get to know order forms. You have to assist the customers on how to fill it out so before your Launch Party you should know that paper front and back.

– Next get to know your e-commerce website. Understand how to move through it from the customers prospective so you can guide anyone through your site at any time. Figure out how to move through your back office how to get the newest information and how to get all the papers you would need! Lastly, figure out how to import your sales and bring your money from you pay anywhere account to your sale.


Step 3: Getting you table ready

– Your table is a reflection of you. Your table needs to consist of one or all of the three origami owl colors; Teal, Hot Pink, and White. Any decorations you would like to put on your table is allowed. But remember this is your business. Don’t overcrowd your table you want to give your viewers a focal point or it may be over-whelming. There are few items your table will NEED to consist of

  • Display linen necks- $5-$10
  • One Ceramic Owl (Optional)- $15-$20
  • Table clothes- $10
  • Bracelet display- $10
  • Fake flowers (Optional)- $1
  • Charm holder (Optional) $10-$20
  • Picture Frames- $1-$20

There are many more things you can add, these are just the basics. Everything on this list can be found on for $20 dollars and under. Or any dollar store and crafts store. You can start off small and as you go and you can change your display whenever. There are custom branded table clothes out there, they are a bit more expensive about $50.00-$150.00. My advice would be buy as you go. Don’t spend all your money in one place.


Step 4: Setting Up Pay Anywhere

Origami Owl will give you all the information you need to set up your pay anywhere account. But I will give you a quick brief. Pay anywhere is for you to take credit cards using your smart phone. It is very simple you download the app, set up an account, and swipe the card!


This is your first impression, this is where you get to show all your friends and family to see what your selling and what your so excited about! This is also your first and greatest chance to start booking. You need to plan very well for this. Invite as many people as possible!!