Hey Future Owlets!!

I have exciting news! This week is the best week in the history of O2 to JOIN!! Why? You ask! I will tell you why; Origami Owl just launched there new SOAR TO SUCCESS program. That is ONLY available to NEW designers.

Soar to Success is a way the nest rewards new designers for doing good! And they reward you with TONS of FREE stuff!


How it Works:


Look at my 2nd blog titled Joining Origami Owl. It will tell you everything you need to know about Origami Owl. And the tons of jewelry, business supplies, and training just $150

STEP 2: Personal Volume

Personal volume is your total amount of sales. Personal volume includes any money you or a customer puts into Origami Owl. (Personal Volume does not include you down-line). Once you earn the required amount of PV points you will receive $400 worth of free Origami Owl stuff.

Q. How many points do I need to meet the requirements for the Soar to success ?

A. You Need 500 PV every 30 days for 90 days!

Q. What do I have to do to receive personal volume?

A. A great way to receive personal volume is to set up your launch party. My Launch Party I invited all my friends and family and received over 800 PV! At your launch party make sure you setup your first two hostess jewelry bars to secure your next 500 PV!


A.  Days 1-30: You receive 20 New Charms!! – an $100 Retail Value

     Days 31-60: You receive a Silver Large Locket with Crystals, a Silver Rolo Chain, and the Birthstone Set! – $106 Retail Value

     Days 61-90: You receive A Small Linen Neck, a Large Linen Neck, and a $100 Jewelry Gift Certificate!!!

All the while you are receiving your 30%-50% commission!


Origami Owl loves to reward designers for sharing the love! Sharing the love is when you sponsor new designers  to come on your team!

Q. How many designers do I need to sponsor?

A. You need to sponsor 3 qualified designers any where in your first 90 days!

Q. What does qualified mean?

A. Your designers need to receive 500 PV. Once they reach their 500 PV you will receive their 500 points you will get your gifts!

Q. Do they all have to get them?

A. NO! For each designer you receive a gift. Get one qualified designer; get one gift. Get another designer; get another gifts. Get another designer; get another gift!


A. 1st Qualified Designer: Origami Owl Weekender Bag

    2nd Qualified Designer: 2 Linen Trays, Business Card Holder, Origami Owl Calculator

    3rd Qualified Designer: Origami Owl Toiletry Bag, Origami Owl Table Cloth

All this is about a $200 Retail Value. And all the while you will be receiving all of your down-line commission!


So let me put it into perspective!

By reaching your goals for your personal volume points you’ve already received about $700 in your personal volume! And $306 dollars worth of FREE STUFF ( 20 Charms, Silver Rolo Chain, Silver Locket with Crystal, Birthstone Set, 2 Linen Necks, and $100 Gift Certificate)

By reaching your goal for sharing the love to 3 qualified designers you’ve received about $125 in your down-line commission! And $200 worth of FREE STUFF ( Origami Owl Weekender Bag, 2 Linen Trays, Business Card Holder, Origami Owl Calculator, Origami Owl Table Cloth, and Origami Owl Toiletry Bag)


WOW!! Im so excited for my new designers.

If you would like to find out more information on how to JOIN MY TEAM email me at: singletary_jada@yahoo.com

If you are ready to Join Go to my website: thecharmfarm.origamiowl.com and click on the link!